I’ve been working on the first draft of my first novel of 2020 lately and it’s been the dirtiest form of crap I’ve ever seen. I mentioned this to my date on Friday and hypothesized that it was because I had deviated from my genre – the manuscript seemed to be a random mix of dystopian and magical realism, the latter of which I really shouldn’t ever try again, instead of black comedy. If I had started writing the book from the first like a black comedy, it would have perhaps turned out better. 

Then, around halfway through the manuscript, the narrative started to show signs of black comedy – the characters doing random things and behaving surprisingly and things going south in general. In other words, the quality of the writing improved significantly. 

So what to do? Do I take that and write the first half again to reflect it? Is that even possible? And what if it won’t work?

I suppose I have no other choice but to try it.