Hi and happy New Year! I’m thrilled to announce that my first book of 2021 is out and available on Amazon. Why I Must: a poetry collection is a set of 29 poems about time and the trouble with being born.

So, existentialism, basically.

I’m actually very proud of this collection. I think I demanded more of myself with each poem in this than ever before. There are more than enough of nature metaphors, especially about ice. The last poem of the set was a complete surprise to me: it’s nothing like the stuff I usually create, yet it flowed out of me with such ease that I must suspect that I was channeling some divine inspiration. (Can’t explain it in any other way. Fellow artists will know what I mean.) It also inspired the cover art which, as always, I drew myself.

And about the snowman’s head – I actually built one this winter by a pond in the area where I live. It looks exactly like described in the poem.

Here’s to ice, time, and loose heads!