Alright, so I have a hotel room booked for tomorrow. And because what I said yesterday, I need to do the work. Something substantial. A task worthy of the hotel room.

So here goes. And note that now that I say it out loud, I have no choice but to succeed.

The task: I will, by the time I leave for the hotel tomorrow, have read the manuscript that’s been in the drawer for three months and made some initial improvements.

I absolutely hate reading my own stuff, especially if it’s the first draft and I know I’m not happy with it yet. But the editing and producing the second draft is absolutely necessary – not only for making it such that other won’t need to hate it, but also to teach my brain that going outside the comfort zone is the right thing and extremely rewarding.

Give me a large pot of coffee and I’ll do it. And if I can do it, so can you.