Some people think you shouldn’t choose a genre just because it’s popular and has a large audience. First, I’d like to say that haters gonna hate – people don’t want others to make more money than themselves and that’s why they don’t recommend choosing a lucrative genre. Second, there’s some truth what they’re saying.

You see, if you choose your genre based on what’s popular, you might neglect a genre that’s more suited to your talent. But practice makes better, and writing a lot in one genre makes you good at that genre, regardless of if you were best suited for it or some other genre in the beginning.

And if you happen to be best suited for a popular genre, then that’s great and you shouldn’t switch to another genre just because some hater thinks you’re phony.

Here’s what I recommend:

  1. If you’re starting out, try multiple genres, whatever sounds interesting to you, be it lucrative or not, and see what makes you feel best and most in your element.
  2. If you’re stuck in one genre and don’t feel happy writing it anymore, try another genre, and see what happens.
  3. If you know for certain what your best genre is, and you’re happy to work every day, you don’t need to try another genre just because your genre makes or doesn’t make loads of money.

Any genre might gain massive popularity at any point in time, so your best shot is to choose a genre in which you can produce quality.

But if you’re not sure about your genre, try around and see how you feel. There’s nothing wrong with writing erotica for example. You could be the nest E L James for all I know.